Transformation is everything. 
I love saying that to someone that already knows it’s true.

That’s who I believe I’m speaking to now!  

You and I are kindred spirits. For many years, companies and centers like your own, have fascinated me. The sheer commitment, vision and drive to guide the heart of a center in these times takes a very special leader. These are challenging times. People are more cautious and vigilant about their decisions. At a time, when the trainings should be an anchor in our communities, many center owners feel captive to circumstances. Some are considering closing their doors. 
The last 10+ years of my life have been well spent. I anchored my sails to just a few centers. I’ve acted as a facilitator, on every level of the trainings and I’ve lent my coaching and personal expertise to the owners of these centers. I’ve found an uncontestable joy in seeing these centers, some merely startups, go from struggling through enrollment cycles into becoming thriving and prosperous pillars in their community. I believe in making things happen. I offer uncommon solutions.
I’d like to offer you a conversation, about where you are at, about what may be limiting you and about these solutions.
I want to see your center flourish!

Use the contact form below to reach me. Let’s both make the time to talk of possibility.

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