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Jo Englesson of Gratitude Training

“I’ve known Christopher DeSanti for over 3 years. I am humbled to call him a dear friend and a teacher. I saw the light in him the moment we met and I knew this man would make a huge difference in my life and in the lives of many. I was excited when he accepted a position as a transformational trainer for the Gratitude Training, a company committed to awakening the planet. When he facilitates our curriculum, he does so with professionalism and a passion for humanity that is nothing short of amazing! I’ve also personally hired Christopher to coach and teach me A Course in Miracles. These weekly sessions has significantly transformed how I operate in the world, and as a result I experience more joy and forgiveness. You definitely want Christopher DeSanti on your team if you are up to creating the extraordinary!”

— Jo Englesson Creative Peacemaker & CEO Gratitude Training LLC

“The distinction that you’re making about modern spirituality and the connections that occur through teacher and student – you’re coming at it from a different point of view – really describes and is an embodiment of who you are and how you come across. I just want to acknowledge you for being a well-educated and articulate teacher. You also come from a place of being on the same level as everybody else and it comes across that way too in creating a very open space especially for someone like myself to learn and I appreciate you.”
Max Burwick, Attorney

“Christopher DeSanti holds profound insight into the human condition. His spiritual wisdom, spanning over several continents and eras, is both enchanting and awakening. He has the rare ability take take this knowledge and deliver it straight to the heart, penetrating years of pain and suffering. DeSanti taught me the true meaning of peace. Before I sat down in his class, my world was spinning out of control. Through his compassion and commitment to people, I was able to discover my own light. I am forever grateful.”

— Kyla Rae Walstad, Flyawaybluebird.com

Jo Englesson of Gratitude Training

“I spent most of my life being told what I was supposed to believe and how things were supposed to be, and the only thing I was ever sure of was that none of it ever made any sense to me.  I knew there had to be something bigger than all of this, yet all of the lessons that I learned in school, religion and books, never offer me any answers.  I started coming to satsang about two years ago, and somehow, everything clicked into place.  I never had a sense of spirituality, acceptance and peace about life and where I fit.  It wasn’t that all of my questions were suddenly answered, it was more like I saw that I was never asking the right questions in the first place.  I feel incredibly grateful to have a teacher like Chris DeSanti who inspires me constantly through guiding me toward questions to ask, and shining a light on the choices I have through his words, and the way he lives his own life every day.  Chris DeSanti has supported me in waking up to my own truth by showing me his.  I have been fortunate enough to be welcomed into a space of non-judgment, love and peace every Wednesday, so that I can practice these concepts in my own life.  Chris DeSanti teaches the simplicity of peace and forgiveness that can feel so challenging and complex in everyday life, and explains them in a way that simply makes sense.  He teaches using the Course in Miracles, transformational teachings, eastern philosophy, his studies in India and his personal experience and stories. Even in the moments when I want to be right about life, I leave satsang with a feeling of peace, conviction, more to discover and a sense of wonder about my existence.  The best way I can describe the experience I have at satsang is a sacred experience of finding my own path home.”

— Jamie Salsberg, MSW, MPH

Christopher DeSanti

Christopher DeSanti facilitates Transformational Trainings and A Course in Miracles, where he brings his wisdom and passion to people in the training room and online. For more than a decade Christopher has brought his commitment and love to people from all walks of life.