I am going to tell you. Whether you realize it or not you want PEACE OF MIND. Everyone does and most don’t even know it. Over the years after testing it with over 10,000 people, I realized that no matter how much money, success, fame, or accomplishments people have, it still doesn’t equate to PEACE OF MIND. I am talking about the deep peace that everything is working out for your own good.

Like the game of life is rigged in your favor. The calm quiet peace and certainty that nothing can shake you. If you don’t have it, you don’t have anything. You see our minds are restless and if we are really honest, we see that with a restless mind, everything is hard and chaotic. With peace, EVERYTHING falls into place.

It’s Simple.

And if we are talking peace, there is modern teaching that stands above the rest in generating a very clear experience of peace. A road map out of the insanity of your mind. I know because I have watched it work for many.


There is so much the critics have said about it. People even sued each other over the material.

You may have heard that it is channeled.

What the heck does that even mean? The list goes on and on. But the thing that isn’t spoken about enough, is how this teaching can literally change humanity and most importantly your MIND. I only know because before I taught it to thousands, I had to use it on myself.

Everyday. For a long time. Nearly a third of my life. And now it can do the same for you. Like learning a new language, learn it from those who speak it.

There is no better time than now. So let’s cut right to it.


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  1. Introduction: Meet Your Teacher. Let's Begin!(Advanced)
  2. Week One: Discover the History of ACIM and Some Basic Tenants(Advanced)
  3. Week Two: What is the Atonement? The Goal of the Path(Advanced)
  4. Week Three: Power of Forgiveness. How Forgiveness is Ultimately the Path(Advanced)
  5. Week Four: How Does the Body Fit into the Dream of Our Life?(Advanced)
  6. Week Five: The Holy Spirit as Our Guide(Advanced)
  7. Week Six: Our Mind and the Light of the World(Advanced)
  8. Week Seven: The Ego and the Way Out of Struggling(Advanced)
  9. Week Eight: God Goes with Me Wherever I Go(Advanced)