Ancient Wisdom from a Modern-Day Seeker

Urban Mystic

A new book by Christopher DeSanti

In our fast-paced world of concrete and computers, Urban Mystic arises as a fresh voice of ancient wisdom. Christopher Desanti’s observations, which are simple and yet profound, can be a powerful catalyst for awakening in your life.

Join Christopher as he takes you on a journey as seen through his eyes that links mystical teachings from different times with the simple words of a modern-day seeker.

“Interesting, enlightening, and inspiring. A great read. Christopher’s insight and knowledge will help you to discover more about who you really are.” —Ryan Soave

What you will learn

Christopher had an idyllic childhood as an aspiring athlete on his way to a professional career in basketball. Then his parents announced their divorce, and Christopher suffered an injury that abruptly shifted his trajectory.

This book explores one man’s journey from a clear path of set expectations to a lesser-traveled path of finding one’s true calling as a seeker of higher knowledge. It’s a culmination of his experiences and observations.

“This book isn’t about pushing a new dogma or another set of beliefs on you that you will need to learn and practice. My intention is to be able to pass my insights on to you through these words so that you can open yourself to receiving insights of your own—to think critically, and through that, to clarify for yourself what is being presented.” —Christopher DeSanti

Who should read this?

Fellow seekers in any stage of their spiritual awakening or personal calling—be it well on their way surely and speedily, or faltering about somewhere unexpectedly. It’s for those who know they get to “trust the process” but aren’t so sure as to how to do that. It’s a book for real people looking for pratical observations and simple applications of teachings without the jargon they may have grown tired of, and from someone who has walked the walk and continues walking humbly.

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About DeSanti

is an international transformational trainer and educator of higher knowledge. A seeker of this knowledge since childhood, he participated in Native American shamanic teachings throughout his late teens and was later drawn to the teachings of the Masters of India.

He currently resides in Delray Beach Fl, and spends his time with his graceful and loving wife, Lori Reyes.
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