When I first encountered Transformational Trainings, I had already been deeply into my journey for many years. It was probably around seventeen years, at the time of deep inner work and contemplation, and for five of those years I was had already been facilitating Satsang. What occurred of me was something I could never have predicted, as I had never seen a single modality have such an enormous shift in someone’s life in such a short period of time. In just a few days, people’s lives where being radically transformed and I was also experiencing it myself. People would access deeper levels of Joy, Freedom, and Love.

I have watched and continue to watch them step into roles of Leadership that translate into greater success in their professional lives and greater connection in their personal lives. The Transformational Trainings are a three part training that has made its way all across the globe. I was very fortunate to become involved with one company specifically, Gratitude Training LLC, that, to me, embodies so much of what my life’s work has been about.

Even though these Transformational Trainings can be quite uniform worldwide, Gratitude Training has evolved them to a level I haven’t seen, even as I’ve travelled to many different centers. I believe it is the love, compassion, and forgiveness that its leaders strive to live by. I became one of those key leaders as I embarked on a journey of almost three years to become a Transformational Trainer. I was fortunate to learn from some of the best who had been involved in the work for roughly four decades. It was a journey that was the bringing together of so much that I had sought after for nearly twenty years and a journey that, to this day, continues to enrich me and the lives of people that these Transformational Trainings touch.

About DeSanti

Christopher DeSanti is an international transformational trainer and educator of higher knowledge. In 2007, he began facilitating his own Satsang-style classes and holds private classes each week. Christopher is currently a director of and facilitates trainings for Gratitude Training, LLC, where he brings his wisdom and passion to his classes, with commitment to and love for people from all walks of life.