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Miracles Facilitator

 This body of work is one of the leading teachings around healing and forgiveness that we have on the planet today. Learn and discover with Christopher, a long time student and teacher, who breaks down what can be considered complicated philosophy, into practical everyday wisdom that is easily applied to any situation life throws at you.

Author of Urban Mystic

Urban Mystic- Ancient Wisdom from a Modern Day Seeker is a collection of short, clear and concise writings by Christopher DeSanti, who is a simple kid from New Jersey that has spent most of his life seeking after higher knowledge and wisdom. Each writing is designed to bring the reader into a deeper part of themselves by simple observations that can be life changing.

“Success is what I bring to life, not what I get from life”

Helping You Find Peace

Are You Fed Up with the Chaos of 2020 yet?

The year that changed our lives. Today it seems harder and harder for people to find a deep sense of purpose and peace in all of the insanity that is happening worldwide.

Are You Fed Up With?


Presidential Election

The Economy

The Environment

The list goes on and on


What Do You Really Want?

I am going to tell you. Whether you realize it or not you want PEACE OF MIND. Everyone does and most don’t even know it. Over the years after testing it with over 10,000 people, I realized that no matter how much money, success, fame, or accomplishments people have, it still doesn’t equate to PEACE OF MIND. I am talking about the deep peace that everything is working out for your own good.

Like the game of life is rigged in your favor. The calm quiet peace and certainty that nothing can shake you. If you don’t have it, you don’t have anything. You see our minds are restless and if we are really honest, we see that with a restless mind, everything is hard and chaotic. With peace, EVERYTHING falls into place.

It’s Simple.

And if we are talking peace, there is a modern teaching that stands above the rest in generating a very clear experience of peace. A road map out of the insanity of your mind. I know because I have watched it work for many.


There is so much the critics have said about it. People even sued each other over the material.

You may have heard that it is channelled.

What the heck does that even mean? The list goes on and on. But the thing that isn’t spoken about enough, is how this teaching can literally change humanity and most importantly your MIND. I only know because before I taught it to thousands, I had to use it on myself.

Everyday. For a long time. Nearly a third of my life. And now it can do the same for you. Like learning a new language, learn it from those who speak it.

There is no better time than now. So let’s cut right to it.


How Do I learn About This? 

Well to start, just sign up to be given a free video where I explain exactly what it can do for you. 

Two Courses to Choose From

I offer both a beginner and advanced class. One is for those who have no clue what A Course in Miracles is and the other is for those who studied it briefly or even have a “black belt” in it. They can both advance knowledge even further. Tuition is ONLY $200 for this 8 weeks course, and that is because I want to make this class affordable for everyone. People ask me often why it is so cheap and that is my reason. I call this “Pandemic Pricing” and i am more interested in making it affordable and accessible for people than having it be a “high-ticket” class. It is easy to sign up, just send me the tuition via

Venmo @christopher-desanti
Cashapp $ChristopherDeSanti
Zelle 561-809-2073

A Simple Procedure

Once you pay your tuition through either Venmo, Cashapp, or Zelle and put a brief note on there if you are signing up for the beginner or advanced class, you will then be added to a Facebook group before the start of the first class where all communications will be. The zoom link for all classes will be pinned on the top of the Facebook group page. Any questions you have you can ask in the group. All recordings of classes will also be posted there. Then get ready and show up for class. 

Have Any Questions?

Should you have any questions about the procedure feel free to text Christopher at 561 531-1176 or email him at chris@christopherdesanti.com It is easy to sign up, just send me the tuition via


DeSanti experienced a sudden shift at a young age and became a seeker of higher knowledge. Before this shift, his life revolved around athletics, mainly basketball, which led him to a level of nationwide notoriety for his talent. While recuperating from a basketball injury, he came across a book called “The Journey”. This was the moment when the course of his life forever altered. A fire started that led him to seek deeper understanding from philosophers and Masters of all walks of life.

Beginning in the shamanic world of the Native Americans, eventually he was led to the Masters of India, where he spent over a decade studying, meditating, and reflecting on the words and practices from this rich lineage. He made his first journey at the age of twenty-two to India to attend Satsang with a Teacher from Mumbai (Satsang is a term that refers to two or more people coming together, ‘Sang” for the higher teaching of the wisdom of the SELF which is ‘Sat).

After many years, Christopher DeSanti went back to India, this time with a deeper understanding of life after spending eight years as a Mortgage Broker. When the market shifted nationwide in 2008, it presented an opportunity to start over again and create a life that was totally dedicated to sharing the answers he had discovered.



“With you as an incredibly well-informed student and teacher of this course I have enjoyed a deep dive into the realm of stupendous concepts that I didn’t know I didn’t know about.  Great teachers teach not only from a book but from the heart; that is you.  When my fellow students and I brought up questions and/or shared life concerns it has been a magical thing to watch/hear you locate the exact Chapter and verse that speaks to that life lesson and share your personal learning experiences as well.  One of my biggest takeaways is that I learned how to navigate through the chapters and the student lessons workbook to find and apply the golden nuggets that help me choose to be in a space to learn from my hourly and daily experiences and apply them so that I enjoy life regardless of what happens.  The course teaches me life skill of the ability to constantly monitor my thought awareness and apply gentle correction so that I am able to release the melodrama of life and practice choosing, moment-by-moment, the preference of a state of peace and serenity with myself and others.  And, the books that you recommend along the way are superior adjuncts to this learning.  Miracles come in “cans”; this course study is allowing me the ability to seek and recognize them all around me.  The 8 week course is an invaluable springboard to teach how to do ongoing ‘ACIM’ study on my own and how to recognize and apply love in its pure form.  All workshops are building blocks to learning; this one was a huge piece of the learning jigsaw puzzle that I was ready for and it has changed my life.” Joanie H, North Carolina
Joanie H, North Carolina

“I am beyond grateful for the ACIM experience with Chris DeSanti. This group has completely changed my life! Because of my experience with forced religious beliefs in childhood I had completely shied  away from any prior mention of the course.  I really had no clue what ACIM was  about and  how I had been endlessly seeking what was already inside of me. The timing with all that is going on in the world is perfect. The learnings have shifted my entire perspective and opened my mind to the true nature of my journey. I’m not sure that I could fully comprehend the content on my own. This is the gift of having Chris facilitating the group. His years of experience as a fellow student of the course is invaluable.  The weekly groups with ongoing support and clarification between classes is extremely beneficial. I HIGHLY recommend ACIM with Chris DeSanti.  It truly is “a required course” and life altering.”
Beth S. Florida

“I have studied the course off and on for 12 years with different people.   I can honestly say Chris presents with so much passion, enthusiasm and knowledge that the moment the class is complete, you can’t wait for the next class.  He inspires you to read the text and do the lessons in a way no one else has for me.  His understanding and knowledge of the course is beyond anyone I’ve witnessed.  He truly has a gift.  He cites pages and lessons without even looking.   Covid has given us so many blessings if we choose to see them and for me Chris doing this course via zoom is at the top of my list and I had a grandson during covid but without these teachings I am not sure how smoothly that would have gone as being born during a pandemic comes with its own set of challenges for a grandparent.  I continuously chose peace.  Thank you Chris and the course.   That weekly hour is my favorite of the week.  Not everyone can “own” a zoom call and Chris does (of course…lol) …. you are in the privacy of your own home and if you choose you can turn off your video and just listen or type a question in the chat.   Don’t hesitate.  Just sign up now!”
Nancy M., Florida

“Words fall short to describe my gratitude for Chris DeSanti. From being my trainer in transformational leadership training to being my spiritual teacher, Chris has supported me in finding peace in all areas of my life. His extensive knowledge and vigilance in his own study with A Course in Miracles is truly inspiring. He has a unique set of skills that have helped me find clarity and peace during trying, uncertain and chaotic times in my life.. I truly believe spirituality is a pillar in every person’s life and I’m looking forward to Chris’s new course.”

Alex W., Nevada